Let’s CAN Hunger

The Campbell’s Let’s CAN Hunger Project Partnership, sponsored by Campbell Soup Company, mobilizes Enactus United States teams to measure and demonstrate a comprehensive approach to addressing hunger, including organizing and executing food drives for urgent hunger relief and empowering those in need to defeat the cycle of hunger for lasting hunger relief.

  • Urgent Hunger Relief: Enactus teams will be judged on how successfully they organized and executed food drives to increase the total amount of food being donated to food banks (total non-perishable food items or cash donations).
  • Lasting Hunger Relief: Enactus teams will engage in and report on activities that foster the long-term relief of hunger for individuals and groups trapped in the hunger cycle. Lasting Hunger Relief shall be defined to include the transfer of knowledge, skills or resources that empower individuals and families in the face of hunger.

Up to 100 Enactus US teams selected to participate will receive a $300 grant to support the implementation of a Let’s Can Hunger project. Interested teams should submit an application before 5:00 PM Central Time on Thursday, October 10, 2013. Teams will be notified in November 2013 if selected to participate.

Participating Enactus United States teams will sign the Urgent and Lasting Hunger Relief Pledge to collect 5,000+ pounds of food/funds and to execute a Lasting Hunger Relief project by February 27, 2014. A team must fulfill the Urgent and Lasting Hunger Relief Pledge to be considered for a Grand Prize. All teams fulfilling the Urgent and Lasting Hunger Relief Pledge will be invited to attend an exclusive reception with Campbell Soup Company employees and executives at the 2014 Enactus United States National Exposition.

Final Impact Reports will be judged by Campbell Soup Company prior to the 2014 Enactus National Exposition on April 1-3, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Eight finalist teams will receive $1,000 and a plaque. Three additional teams will be selected to receive a Grand Prize and will be recognized on-stage at the 2014 Enactus United States National Exposition.

Grand Prize Awards:
First Place: $5,000 & Trophy
Second Place: $4,000 & Trophy
Third Place: $3,000 & Trophy

Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

entrepreneurial—having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;

action—the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;

us—a collection of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.